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Friday, August 17, 2007

10 steps to unsere gastfreundschaft

What do we do when friends come a-visiting?

1. Welcome them with open arms!

2. Bombard them with 100 questions first thing in the morning after their overnight train journey.

3. Talk non-stop the entire afternoon. Stuff them silly with Swiss Delight (Sprungli's Luxembourgeli).

4. Drive them to the countryside and set them to work in the kitchen. Chop chop, we're already running late for dinner!

5. Photograph them with a 40 day old baby. Again ... and again.

6. Force-feed them schwarzwaelder torte (blackforest cake).

7. Wish them a good night's sleep on a (single) camping mattress.

8. Rouse them for breakfast at the crack of dawn so Ste can enjoy some airtime too.

9. Make them buy us lunch at a superb vegetarian restaurant in the city centre.

10. Send them off at the airport/train station ... but only after confirming plans for our next pleasurable encounter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alicia and Ste for your kind welcome!!! I really had a great holiday ever!!!!!!!!

Yes, you do have 5 star hospitality, and those 10 steps are so right!

I'm sure I'll make another trip (with a permission for photos!), but please let me know when you're coming to London. Let's have my 30 somthing BD party.... argh....

Alicia said...

Our pleasure! And hey - I have some super photos from your visit ... but will have to banish them to offline obscurity till the 30 year rule wears off ... sigh!

Good to know you got home safe, see you when I'm next in town!

Pink said...

ha ha ha...30 year rule eh? I like that.

Sid the kid looks sooooo cute.

And A&M J&J look great too.

Phwoaar on your hubby pumping gas...the army must be good for him. so what if he's a geschwester.

PS...you missed point number 11. Send your guest away with suitcase full of chocolate.


Alicia said...

Hi Pink! Pumping gas doesn't necessarily = pumping iron, I'm afraid. He didn't even break into a schweat.

Sid is very cute indeed! He's quite a crowdpleaser/teaser as well - sweet and demure when there's company, then a howler when alone with mommy (so I've been told).

And yeah, chocolate-loving guests are a bad influence! Visiting the neighbourhood chocolatiers with Nat has rekindled my obsession ... sigh.