... and oh so true

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There was also that beautiful weekend in Sonthofen

Alfred, Ste's colleague, was in a pretty serious cycling accident 2 months ago. But he managed to get back on his feet (plus two crutches) for his wedding last weekend and was spectacular on the dance floor! Congratulations again to Alfred and Simone Lederhuber ;0)

So you wanna know whassup ...

Roshini nagged me on Facebook this morning. Her precise words were, "Eh, can you please update your blog! I know you're bored of revising your thesis ..."

To quote the wise words of the phenomenally successful Budweiser Whassup?! ad campaign - true, true. So here is my feeble attempt at an update.

Having been rather uninspired of late, I decided to let this little midday SMS exchange between the Altorfer-Ongs do all the talking. A closer reading and a dash of literary prac crit (a la Ms. Nathan's class) will reveal all the subtle elements of daily life in merry Minervastrasse 27.

Ste: wie war deutsch test?

Me: booje booje boo boom shakalaka boom

Ste: meaning? just boochie boochie boo or also shakkalakka?

Me: it was ok - i convinced them quite effortlessly that i'm an ideal candidate for the beginners' course

Ste: am sure you'll make quick progress. really appreciate you are doing this

Me: i also bought bread and toilet paper - life's essentials. and also butter, one of life's little luxuries

Ste: am proud of you indeed. thanks for buying all the stuff. am looking forward to my next dump, then :-)

Me: i'm sure the UBS loo will appreciate that generously-sized deposit

Ste: ... makes me wonder who's the smart ass here :-)

Enough said? To be read and relished!

Friday, June 15, 2007

It was such a happy day, full of love, laughter and sunshine! 2 June, the J&J connection

"Let us pray for God's blessings for everyone here - family and friends who have travelled from near and far to celebrate Justin and Julia's love. May He give us the strength and conviction to continue nurturing our friendships and relationships; that they should never suffer because of distance or time, but grow ever stronger from the richness and appreciation of our experiences."