... and oh so true

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yes, I'm procrastinating

As I see it, the main trouble with doing research -apart from having to think- is the isolation. I work from home (in the study, which is all of 2 paces from the bedroom) and can get through pretty much the entire day not having uttered a word ... save for a cuss under the breath when I've stubbed my little toe. Even that exclaimation is economised, barely escaping my cracked lips as a "FFFffff ..."

This solitude runs plainly against the grain of my personality. I'm certain I've complained about this before but -heck- just for the record, I'm gonna play it again, Sam.

As you well know, I have an exceedingly high dependence on human interaction. And I don't mean the five-sen, ten-sen occasional small talk with random neighbour in the cellar (where the washing machines are chained) or Coop cashier, well meaning though they may be.

But rather a rich and succulent rump of high quality, unadulterated free-ranging conversation which means something. With people who mean a lot.

So thank heavens for instant messaging. And for all the people on it who help sustain me through the days of silence!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The rain that I remember

Fat, warm, soggy
Waves rolling down from the sky
In a crushing embrace

Plastering down my hair
Flooding my ears
Making my pinafore cling

I run out to play
Swimming on land
Knowing I will not drown

Then the instinctive drive to
Puddle-pounce, arms out and
Head bent upwards to the sky

Raindrops mix with drool
As I splatter and squeal
With delight at the reaffirmation

That in some crude,
Sophisticated or scientific way
-But surely surely-
Someone has pulled out all the stops
And loves me still

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"... I would hate to come after that"

Wow. Those Oscars are really something. Quite an event, especially for an unplugged, non-film buff, non-telly owning bore (boor?) like meself. Managed to watch it all the way through in my parents' living room though ... because, heck, they are actually 'with' the times and have a telly.

I was surprised. In spite of having zero moolah riding on the results (was dead broke after handing out all those New Year hongbaos, lost the remaining pennies to ruthless cousins over Black Jack), the spirit was still rather infectious.

My personal highlights were (1) the choir which clicked, whooshed and hummed the Soundtrack of Daily Life most magnificently; (2) the acrobatic troupe and their enigmatic shadow-posing which moved even the most avant garde wayang kulit maestro; (3) Nicole Kidman's lipstick red gown ... and her well-matched statuesque frame; (4) that Scottish guy who played the doctor in The Last King of Scotland (hurrah, one movie that I DID watch!).

Apart from the annoying woman who kept gushing over Martin Scorsese (I suppose she's someone rather famous to be seated next to him ... wife? Rabid and uncontrollable fan?), the flubbing announcement which claimed Infernal Affairs for Japan instead of Hong Kong, and George Clooney (smoldering or not, his self-assured grin irritates the hell outta me), it was a decent way to spend my last morning in Singapore. 9.30am till 1pm.

I texted Michelle to see if she was tuned in. Ste and I were at her London flat at the same time last year, glamourously decked out in our pyjamas -Nic's stylist wasn't available, you understand- and sprawled ON the carpet. This year, Michelle was in Sydney for work, possibly clinching some multi-billion dollar deal for that company with the bull mascot.

But film is never far from her heart.

So I would like to take this opportunity to rouse the loyalist cause amongst those of us who know her, to set things in motion.

It’s all there - action, intrigue and corporate perversity. Singapore-born director Michelle Teo Su Ying brings together a stellar cast led by London-based heart-throb Shri Jayakumar in this original screenplay, The Interview.

Login and vote, every star counts!