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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Issues of epic proportions

I am biting the bullet and going ahead with this damn blog.

Months were squandered as I hee-d and haw-ed over what should be written (a rather inane case of pre-blogger's block, har har) and whether I'd have anything remotely riveting or scandalous to post. Well, I don't. But to hell with that, if I don't start learning by doing now, I will never get this going. So here is my first stab at this whole business of sharing my pocket full of change (and the occasional loose screw/marble) with the global online community.

And just so you know how vintage and hence, TRENDY, I can be, here is a passport-photo
on white background (with both eyebrows in full view) taken roughly 4 years ago, which would most certainly garner the immigration officer's nod of approval.

In fact, and I think I'm on a roll now, let's have two:

(L-R, c. 2001 and c. 2005)

I have an idea! Being a budding historian (with estimated bloomtime of age 33, in brilliant red and canary yellow no less), I'd like to run a pilot test and explore the evolution of ... that's right ... the humble passport photo. Hoooah!

Ok, so here's the plan. I'll need a decent sample size, so I'd like to encourage friends/relatives who read this to grant me this indulgence. Quick quick, participate in my little project and send me yours as well! Yes they will be posted online ... but heck, as far as I recall, no one I know is contemplating a political career. RIGHT???

Don't just send one - I'll need as many as you have onhand, so that we can do a very broad and hopefully fun exercise of tracing The Evolution of Photo Identification. With the attendant thrills of observing fashion trends, hairstyles and GROWTH (not to be mistaken for maturity) over time.

Bring out the beans and let the study begin!