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Friday, January 12, 2007

There is a thread on the English Forum (for English-speaking expats living in Switzerland) titled "Ikea - more trusted than the church". The post mentions a survey done in Sweden on how much people trust various institutions. Ikea, surprisingly ... or not, some might say, emerged head, shoulders, and then some, ahead of the church. A whole 14 notches, it is claimed.

That has spawned a growing list of responses - hilarious on one hand, if you're a not-even-Sunday (or feast day) Catholic like me, and perhaps a slightly (but only ever-so-) disturbing snapshot of the evolution of paradigms on the other. Borrowing from one of the Team Ikea entries, 8 weeks isn't too long to wait for a delivery ... versus pretty much eternity for deliverance.

Being rather clueless first-time furniture buyers, the first Ikea sofa Ste and I set our hearts on at Spreitenbach had a 6 week wait for home delivery. I was in Dar when the sofa was due and was devasted when Ste called to say that it couldn't fit through the front door. It wasn't so much the doorway but the dastardly narrow entry corridor which stood between us and the desired Kramfors.

So wait we did, another 6 weeks, for The Second Coming of the Smaller Settee.

And I am pleased to announce that it arrived this afternoon, in all its glory and split leather radiance, ascending to our fourth floor abode in the safe carriage of two deliverymen.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Jo the Jaded Assassin

The indomitable Jo-Anne Lee is back onstage as the Jaded Assassin (uncanny that it should rhyme with "kicks your ass in" - which is precisely what Soon-Jal, the lead character does with limbre and full-bodied dexterity).

Heads up to those in New York City, something absolutely unmissable to pen in your diaries for February, CATCH THIS SHOW!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I hate not knowing what to do when a friend is in pain. Especially when I can't claim solidarity through shared experience. I cannot purport to know the trauma or numbness.

I am otherwise helpless but would like to offer what I can - neither strings nor words ... just two bony but steady shoulders and cartons of triple-ply Kleenex.

And the promise of savoury crepes and sparkling water (in chilled glasses) at Our Usual Place next summer.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hot shit coming your way!

Check out Ata and Amanda's latest project - mindblowing stuff! Can't wait to get my hairy hands and monkey feet on the merchandising ...